Weekend Getaway in Bintan Island

This past weekend I ventured to Bintan Island that is just a short ferry ride away with two friends who live in my resident hall. Although the island itself doesn’t have much to it, I’m glad I went regardless because it gave me time to relax and get away from the hustle and bustle of Singapore.

The resort we stayed at was called Bintan Lagoon Resorts and it was definitely not how I’d imagine it. The price itself for the food was a bit overpriced but I justified it for myself by saying that it’s nice to treat yourself to nicely prepared meals in restaurants every now and then. They had a number of places to eat that consisted of chinese food, seafood, a buffer, bar food, and more. We had an endless amount of options but we utilized the buffet the most.


Most of our time was spent lying around on the beach where we would flip through novels and wash away the sand in the beautiful ocean water. Anyone who knows me well knows that I would rather stay in the city than go to the beach. The beaches on the east coast of the U.S. aren’t ideal but the beach that was located a short walk from our resort was absolutely stunning. It was well kept and wasn’t busy at all since we went during monsoon season but thankfully the weather held up and we didn’t get caught in any sort of rain during our weekend stay.

The other thing we did do was take a break from the resort to check out a nearby Mangrove. It wasn’t all that impressing but it was kind of cool to learn fun facts about the area and how fishermen operate in order to catch what they need. Luckily, we also persuaded our driver to take us to a Hawker Center where we became overwhelmed with the incredible options and the cheap prices that accompanied it.



Overall, I’m glad we were able to go and experience Indonesia for a sweet weekend. I would certainly go again if needed like maybe finals week?