Brooklyn’s Finest in Two Weekends

I’ve lived near New York the majority of my life but never did I once think about going to Brooklyn. Everyone knows New York City as the place that has it all and often times, people end up neglecting other incredible parts of NY. I attended Panorama Music Festival in July which was held at Randall’s Island Park but I decided to venture to Brooklyn to live in an

I attended Panorama Music Festival in July which was held at Randall’s Island Park but I decided to venture to Brooklyn to live in an airbnb with my good friend.

Where did I stay?

First of all, any one who decides to spend some time in Brooklyn MUST get a room within this funky loft. It was by far the most creatively decorated space I have ever seen. It’s called the funky loft for a reason and if you think the pictures are incredible, you should actually go see what it is like in person. The hosts are incredibly sweet and were willing to show my friend and I great places to eat around the area. Sprawled among each crevice of this place are whacky toys, old records, vintage goods, and a great variety of antique furniture you cannot find anywhere else. I stayed here for both of the weekends I stayed in Brooklyn.


What did I see?

  • At Panorama I was lucky enough to see artists such as Honne, MGMT, Solange, Vance Joy, and Frank Ocean and it felt surreal


  • A handful of unique and colorful art at the Bushwick Collective which is free and stretches across a number of streets (it was one of the highlights of the weekend)


  • More fantastic art and photography at the Brooklyn Museum and the MoMA
  • Walked the entire Brooklyn Bridge and then got those iconic Instagram-worthy photos in DUMBO


Where did I hang out?

  • Boobie Trap Bar has a large variety of toys and vintage games all over the place, it was definitely a place that I have never seen before and the things among the walls are sure to make you chuckle
  • Prospect Park was a nice place to read during the day since there are benches scattered all over the place

What did I eat?

  • Fried Chicken at Boka, a cute little Korean place in the St. Mark’s area where I ate the most chicken I have ever eaten because it was hands down, the most incredible chicken I have ever had
  • I experienced incredible service and a mountain of breakfast food at Kellogg’s Diner 
  • Pizza at a popular joint called Roberto’s where even the aroma of it is sure to make your mouth waterimage1.JPG
  • The Wheelhouse has a variety of sandwiches to try out along with little sides and they are well known for their grilled cheese
  • Had a great lunch at Lincoln Station which is a place where you can grab a quick bite or hang out and work since they have a communal table for those specifically with laptops
  • Lots and lots of coffee from the Bushwick Public House which also offers a nice working space and the scene is even better at night when there is live music
  • If you’re looking for a place with great food, amazing service, AND a photo op, you need to try Pietro Nolita which is not in Brooklyn but it was worth the trip for that all-pink interior and retro vibe


What did I buy?

  • One vintage windbreaker I have been on the hunt for at a well known and highly respected vintage store right in Brooklyn called the Urban Jungle
  • A used book from a secondhand bookstore/cafe called Molasses Books, the book is by James Franco and it is called Palo Alto which has a collection of fiction stories about kids rebelling, experiencing love, and facing consequences for their actions

Honestly, at some point during those trips, I thought about dropping my life as it was to move to Brooklyn to strictly run a used bookstore because I am sure that I would be perfectly content with that life. I guess if all else fails, it will be my plan B!