Raffles Grill and Singapore Art Museum

My friend Stef and I spent a day acting like princesses at the Raffles Hotel this past week. We planned to go to the Raffles Grill located inside this hotel to try out their lunch menu since they had set courses to choose from. The prices were reasonable and we’ve heard such great things about the place so on a rainy Friday afternoon, we set out with high expectations to the hotel.


The interior is gorgeous. The bright lights and the white structured walls and pillars and the marble floors just pulled the whole place together. I was gushing over the design of it all even before I stepped foot into the hotel. I think I even let out a gasp and muttered a short ‘shut the fuck up!’ when I was fully inside of the building. You could tell Stef and I did not belong in a place like this.

Nonetheless, we had reservations for the restaurant so we turned right and we were presented by a nice, quiet room and we were taken to our table.

We decided to both do the 3 course $58 meal plan. And boy, was it a great choice.


The appetiser I chose was the seared scallops with white asparagus and chutney. The main course was a delicate US Prime Omaha Beef Tenderloin with a side of mashed potatoes and broccoli. Lastly, the dessert option I opted for was the Chesnut Chiboust with tuile and cherry sorbet. All of it was great. Would highly recommend 10/10. I initially thought that the portions were too small for what we were paying but it was worth it and completley filling.


Next place we went to was the Singapore Art Museum because it was close by and they had a few interesting things going on there. It is free admission as well.

The Hidden Dimensions II by Sarah Choo Jing
Untitled from the series ‘Singapore’ by Nguan


It’s three floors but when we went they only had a few rooms opened to the public. Most of what we encountered was interactive art which made it fun and different from other museums I’ve seen. I am also pretty sure that each of the works we saw were inspired by the condition that Singpore is in with all its developmental construction going on and the lonliness that comes with being in a fast-paced large city. Much of the art referenced to the pool of ethnicities that can be found in Singapore. They even had works from student teachers that were unlike anything I’ve ever seen before.

A few of my favorite pieces include the video on loop called The Hidden Dimension II by Sarah Choo Jing which takes a closer look at a family inside of a home and how they’re all disregarding each other. Another one I particularly liked was the Strange Fruit photo collection by Lee Wen which followed a man around Singapore who was painted yellow and was always carrying a cluster of red lanterns which would shield his body from being seen in the photos. That one takes a hit at the stereotypes that accompany Chinese people and how they are viewed by others.

I highly suggest going to both of these places because it was money and time well spent.


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